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Kenya as a romantic  destination a must  read  piece which will no doubt compel you the reader to sample one or two of the top notch romantic property across the country. 

Our pride as romantic destination was confirmed by the royal wedding between prince William, Duke of Cambridge university and Catherine Middleton,  Duchess of campus which took place on 29th April, 2011, actulizing a proposal made by the couple in November last year at the lake Rutundu Lodge, at the foot of Africa’s second highest mountain mt Kenya. As a writter who conducted on on a tour of some of the romantic top-notch properties courtesy of the kenya Tourist Board (KTB) have given you a feel of facilities presenting an opportunity for you to join in choosing Kenya as a romantic destination. 
Kenya itself hold a special meaning to the British Royal family. Queen Elizabeth ll also made history  here when as a young princess, she learnt she had become the Queen, after the death of her father while she was on holiday at the Treetop Lodge at the Aberdare in Kenya. 
It is worth mentioning that besides the lodges mentioned here, other exciting experience such as hot air balloon safari in the maasai Mara, among others, also provide an equally good opportunity for honeymooners, couple’s and leisure seekers to enjoy their excursion in Kenya. 


“Extraodinary experience”.

By sanvinsky Joshua.

Leisure Read’s“Luxury in a Tent”.

The Sarova Mara Game Camp was a stunning

property located just inside the park’s gates.

From the friendly staff (who I think are trained to

say ‘jambo’ to every person walking by) to the

beautiful tents and the cold towels on arrival, no

detail was forgotten.

In comparison to other lodges and tented camps

we stayed at, the tents were quite small. If you’re

travelling with a lot of luggage (we were!) then

you might find it a little squeezy. The bathrooms

were stocked with every amenity you could think

of and the hotel provided excellent turn-down

service, including hot water bottles. The only

downside to the rooms is that the bed were really,

really hard. I sleep with a firm mattress at home

and this was twice as hard. If the hotel provided

mattress toppers for each bed it would be a lot

more comfortable – although we found we were

so tired after our game drives we managed to

sleep just fine.

The food service was good, although this was one

of the busier lodges we stayed at so it felt a little

more lively and less secluded than you’d expect.

There was a good selection of foods and the

lodge even provided gluten free bread at

breakfast. Evenings and lunch featured pasta bar,

fresh grilled meats and make-your-own salads.

Free coffee and tea was provided in the afternoon,

and before we went on our hot air balloon ride at

5am (necessary at that time!). As is the style at

these ‘all inclusive’ lodges and camps in Kenya,

water and juices are not included in the cost. I

wish they would consider providing filtered water

as it gets really hot out in the park and it’s

almost dangerous that they don’t provide it (I

was drinking at least 2L in the day).

I thoroughly enjoyed the two different nightly

entertainment offerings – a Maasi culture talk and

a Maasai dance. Very professional and

interesting. I got the impression the hotel has

really connected with the community here in, and

outside, the park

The location is excellent – you’ll find that good

animal sightings are usually only a 20 minute

drive from the lodge and we saw elephants,

buffalo, lions, a leopard, a cheetah and the other

usual park animals. We had our own driver so I

can’t comment on the camp’s outings. If you’re

intending to do a hot air balloon ride, note that

it’s on the other side of the park at a different

gate so you’ll have an hour or so drive to get


Overall, a fantastic stay. One day I’ll come back

to the Mara in migration season and will seriously

consider staying at this fabulous camp again.

Room Tip: Ask for a tent that looks over Fish.

 What an amazing experience!! My girlfriend and I

did the 4-day Massai Mara, Lake Nakuru and

Naivasha safari and completely fell in love with

Kenya’s people, culture, wildlife and nature. The manager

helped us book the safari and made everything

seamless. She answered all my questions and

showed a lot of patience. Everything went as


The star of the show was Martin, our driver and

guide. He made our safari experience

exponentially greater than it could have ever

been. Very accommodating and caring… he truly

cared about our experience and didn’t just take

us through the motions. Thanks to Martin we

were able to see the Big Five and all the other

animals we wanted to see. He has an

encyclopedic knowledge about everything Kenyan

(and African). Ask him questions about any

animal, he’ll give you an answer better than the

National Geographic. I also enjoyed discussing

Kenyan economy and politics during our long rides

and breaks which he is very knowledgeable about

as well.


The forest of the elephants

Every wanted to see an elephant’maternity ward’?Read this…

It’s night time in mara forest.The roar of the falls fills the air.It’s biting cold but refreshing,standing on the balcony of my room at the sarova lodge overlooking the hills where the treking path to the rhino huts cut through to the gorge where the waters falls.The force of the falls catapulting 200 feets for thousands of years has created a dramatic gorge for the river to flow on and meet the ewaso nyiro and finaly disapear  into the little visited Lorian swamp.

At breakfast i heard that the forest of Rimuruti and Marmanet are elephants maternity wards where females come to deliver and nurse their young.So excited am i that i forgo a hot-stone message for Rimuruti forest despite rain clouds in the sky.

Rangers of Rimuruti forest Association leads through the forest of red cedar trees.we get to one of the few swamps within,where a pair of grey crowned cranes strut.One of my coleague announces that it’s a mating pair with a nest in the swamp.A bird with scarlet underwing flies into the forest.It’s Hartlaub’s turaco.Sun bleached white bones of an elephant rest on the earth.Leo,our driver,spots the enormous skull of an elephant in the thickets camouflaged in the thickets.It’s an interesting mix of site there.

The forest associations rangers lead us to a ,’maternity ward'”This is one of the places they give birth,”Leo explain.”There are so many medicinal plants here.So the female chews them and feeds them to the calf.It’s like inoculating babies”.Impressive.”If it’s a female,the mother will nurse her three months.If it’s a male calf,she will nurse him for one month”.

Murphy laws.Returning to our lodge,we hear that an elephant herd was browsing by the fence in the morning.But the elephants themselves are nowhere to be seen.

Either way,it’s lunch with hot kebabs and moushkaki,fresh soups and desserts and vegeterian fare from one kitchen that is exclusively dedicated to veg.After lunch,we shall climb down 200 feet to the bottom of Thompson’s Falls.

At the bottom of the gorge,spray mist rises off where the falls crash.When explorer Joseph Thomson saw the falls in October 1883 he named the falls Thomson’s falls-after himself.At the time,the area was a no-man’s land between two warring maasai clans,and they called the place’ naiurru-ur’for waterfalls.Thomson heard it as ‘ururu’from which Nyahururu gets its name.

Finaly,it’s diva day.After two days of trampling through forests an the falls,a hot-stone message is spot on,followed by a pedicure so deserved.Meanwhile outside,the skies have opened and thunder bolts through the skies.

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Wildlife & land conservation.

When we speak of conservation,automatically means preserving,gurding or protecting nature.This is done on primary or secondary  purposes hence human activities are prohibited or limited in most cases.This include animals kingdoms and vegetation at large.A good example of conservation is done on reserved land,national parks and game sanctuaries.

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Land conservation.

The principal vegetation on conservation entirely all over the world composed of many different units such as:capes,tropical rainforest/savanna,deserts/semi-deserts,montane areas,woodland savanna,lakes,seas and oceans.

National reserves ,parks & game sanctuarie.

These are areas where protection of fauna(animals) and flora(plants) are conserve.but some of these are managed by state or central government in other countries like in africa.for example places like eastern africa,is one of the serene places for  animals species broadly contributed inorder to protect wild from being poached by man.Particularly,in game sanctuaries, they are private owned preserved lands for wild animals and not run by central government.

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